Top 3 Benefits of a Shower Commode Chair

Published: 18th May 2011
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A shower commode chair is an especially designed shower chair generally meant to be used by people with serious physical disabilities. This type of chair can also be very useful for an elderly individual with serious mobility problems. A shower commode chair can offer a host of benefits to the user. Here are the top three reasons why itís a good idea to get a shower commode chair if you or a family member is physically disabled or has some serious mobility problems.

1. Safety in the Shower Ė We naturally donít have control over accidents. Remember that accidents can happen to anyone at anytime. And take note that the bathroom is where about 70% of all household accidents occur. A majority of these bathroom accidents involve slipping on the wet floor and falling in the shower. And while young people can easily regain their balance when they slip, the elderly may not be as fortunate since their reflexes arenít what they used to be.

Taking a shower may also become more difficult and even a bit dangerous for people with physical disabilities. This difficulty may be easily resolved and safety may be ensured by getting caregiver assistance for the disabled person, but most people want to avoid having someone else with them in a place as intimate as the bathroom. A shower commode chair will allow the elderly and the physically disabled to simply roll themselves into the bathroom and take a shower by themselves without worrying about slipping or falling.

2. Comfort in the Toilet Ė We normally take the task of using the toilet for granted, but this can be quite an ordeal for the elderly whose bones are weak as well as for those who suffer from a physical disability. A shower commode chair will make the process so much easier and more comfortable for these people. Such a chair is especially useful for people suffering from a hip fracture. As data shows, a lot of older people suffer from hip fractures. This is quite understandable because the human body naturally grows feeble with age and any sudden or unstable movement made by an elderly individual can be potentially dangerous to the body and may even be life-threatening.

A shower commode chair could, in fact, be a necessity for the elderly and the physically disabled individual. Using this type of chair minimizes the necessity of moving from one place to another since you could simply roll in and out of the bathroom and the chairís seat aperture allows you to do your toilet duties automatically.

3. Convenience Ė Tasks that have become difficult and dangerous for the elderly and the physically handicapped become so much easier with a shower commode chair. If youíre concerned about these wheeled shower chairs moving around while youíre bathing, take note that they have lock brakes to keep them in place and make them safe for use in the bathroom. The U-shaped seat aperture also makes this type of chair very comfortable to use. A shower commode chair is generally capable of holding weights of up to 300lbs. which means it can definitely provide the average individual with adequate bathroom support.

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